Series Crackdown Readathon: TBR!

Series Crackdown Readathon: TBR!

First Ever Readathon

As I left work last night, I made the snap decision to take part in my first ever readathon the Series Crackdown Readathon hosted by The Book Moo. It’s a 10-day long readathon that started yesterday (26th June) and will run until the 4th of June. The idea is to read some of the neglected series’ on your shelves. I am super bad at starting and even worse at finishing book series, which means that I have plenty to choose from.

So, after they are totally let me count Caraval by Stephanie Garber – my current read – as a book towards the readathon, I jumped on board. (Caraval is technically part of a duology, OK?) I’m a slow reader so I don’t know how many books I’ll actually get through. But, let me show you what I’m planning to try and read:


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