Meet My Books [Bookshelf Tour]

Side 2 Lower 2
Side 2 Upper
Side 1 Upper 1
Side 1 Upper 2
Side 1 Upper Middle 1
Side 1 Upper Middle 2
Side 1 Lower Middle 1
Side 1 Lower Middle 2
Side 1 Lower

Here is the full list of the books currently on my shelves as seen in the above photos. You can’t see all of them because my shelves are triple stacked  – there’s a whole row of books you can’t see on a few of the shelves. My bookshelves are currently organised alphabetically except for my Harry Potter Collection, The Mortal Instruments series and The Gallagher Girls series. My hardbacks and series where I have books in hardback and paperback are separate from my paperback books. I’ve read the books in bold at least once. Read More