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First, here’s a look at my reading stats for 2016.

It’s an incomplete list as I did do some reading towards the beginning of the year (a failed attempt at tackling my ever growing TBR) that I never logged. I will probably add those books to Goodreads at some stage but probably won’t put in the dates as I can’t remember what I read at the beginning of 2016 compared to what I read during 2015. But, it does show what I’ve read since the holiday to Lanzarote I mentioned. In fact, 6 of the 7 books were read on that particular holiday.

When you compare it with someone, for example, Leah @ Girl vs Books’ Reading Stats (197 books in 2016), my measly 7 books pales in comparison. As in my reading pile is a man on the moon and everybody else’s read piles are planets. In fact, Leah read the equivalent of every book on my shelf and some last year.

Big Goals, Little Reader

This year Leah has set her goal to 150 books and 100-200 book goals feature frequently on my Goodreads dashboard. What I try to remember when I see these huge goals is that often they’ve been doing this for a while. They spent time getting really good at it. Who knows, maybe they don’t watch TV? I feel it would be like a couch potato attempting a marathon with zero prep (but probably not quite as hard if I put my mind to it). So with that in mind, I set my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge to a realistic (maybe?) 20 books.

20 Books

Why that particular number? Because 20 is over double what I read last year. If you factor in the books missing from my Goodreads Reading Stats for 2016, it’s probably exactly double what I read last year.

I hear you: “but you read those seven books in the last two months of the year so surely you could read six times that amount?” Well, I read 6 of those books while on holiday. I was out of the country with zero work and personal commitments. Just 7 days of doing what I wanted, when I wanted. Also, I did a fair amount of reading while on a plane so you know… As much as I’d love to be on holiday all year round, I just can’t.

So rather than drowning myself in stress over a large number, I kept my target small, knowing that I could adjust it if I want throughout the year. If I beat 20, then I can increase the number again or just see how many books I can really read in a year and I’ve got a handful of other challenges I’m keen to try out too.


Now, we’re nearly six months down the line from when I originally set this goal. Here’s a look at my reading stats for 2017 so far. As you can see, I’m over halfway (three books ahead of schedule according to Goodreads). With my participation in the Series Crackdown Readathon and other challenges and readathons I hope to participate in throughout the year, it’s looking entirely likely that I’ll complete this goal with a lot of time to spare.

You can also see my progress on the 2017 Reading Challenges page.

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What reading challenges are you doing this year? Are there any you’d recommend?

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  1. Meri, you should have tagged me in this on Twitter, so I could share it around! I literally have no life, so don’t ever feel like you need to compete with my insane reading challenges. I literally go to work and when I’m not at work I’m reading (or watching telly or playing on my PlayStation) but I read like A LOT. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have responsibilities, like other people do, so I can literally spend my evenings reading. It’s blissful.

    I go through stages though where I don’t read for weeks at a time, like one or two weeks. It’s where I want to read, but I can’t decide what I want to read or I can’t settle into a book and so I just do other things. I wait for my mojo to come back. I also read pretty quick, I average about 100 pages/hr so I can read a book a day easily (unless it has Cassandra Clare’s name on – they defeat me every time).

    I actually had my goal set at 200 earlier in the year, but I wasn’t reading quick enough (I KNOW) so I lowered it to a much more manageable 150. I’m probably going to hit 200, because I am ahead of myself (I like to beat myself, IDK why) but again, that’s because I have no social life and I love nothing more than spending an evening with a book.

    20 is absolutely do-able, and good for you! Even if you don’t get to 20, even reading one book in a year is good enough, because at least you’re reading! I see people all the time who are like, “I don’t read,” and it leaves me gob-smacked because I can’t imagine not reading. So just the fact you do read is good enough for me!

    Some people get book-shy just from setting a goal and that’s why some people set 1 book as their goal and then any other books in their GoodReads challenge is a bonus, which I like. I probably over-read, to the point where I likely only take in half the story. I literally forget plots, characters, the title of the book as soon as I’ve finished it, which can’t be good?!?!?!

    I love your blog, by the way. I am not a very good blog reader, and tend to stick to ones I’ve read for ages, but I’m adding you to my Feedly because I love your style, your design and your writing!

    1. Hey! Thank so much for stopping by Leah!

      Aaah I’m still quite new at this so didn’t feel comfortable tagging you on twitter. I will remember for next time! Haha! But you see, I have like no life either and I only work three (albeit long) days a week usually! The rest of the time I’m either playing the sims or binge watching Netflix. I think once I get into the swing of reading regularly, I might not reach the 150+ you do but I might get close 😛 Sounds like you have some amazing evenings in!

      100 pages an hour is soooo impressive. If I put my mind to it, I think I get just shy of 60 pages in an hour if my mind doesn’t wander mid-paragraph! You read so fast – I’m jel!

      Ooh, I think I vaguely remember it being 200. I’m sure you will get there. Good luck!

      Aah thank you! Well, in Feb/March/April, I wasn’t too sure but then this readathon came along at the end of May and I started the 30 day reading challenge this month so I’ve just been getting through books like nobody’s business! So I highly suspect I might have to review my goal to 30 or maybe 40 depending on how well I do after this month. I have my fingers crossed I’ll get close to or beat 20 this month. That always leaves me gobsmacked too! Even when I was barely reading but wanted to, I never said I don’t read. People don’t realise what they’re missing out on!

      Oh my goodness, I’d never thought of that. That’s such a good way of tackling the challenge, especially if you’re just starting out. Oh no! That doesn’t sound good – but your reviews are always amazing!

      Thank you so so much! It means such a lot to me that you think so <3 Yaaaaay! Aaah I really hope I write some more posts that you'll like/love in the future!

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